Worship conference “Your Kingdom come” – from June 15-18, 2017


The Kingdom of God among us

For us as members of Friends-of-Jesus the last months were a time of intense preparations for the „Your Kingdom come“- conference. During this time we worked a lot, prayed much, asked ourselfs many questions and had to make several decisions. In the contrary wind, that should hinder us here and there we took us by our hands and went ahead with one goal: to come together with friends and guests in our 20th anniversary year to share from what God had put into the heart of our ministry and to give God the honor through worship and prayer together.

And at the 15th of June it went off at last. Together with a team of many speakers, musicians, dancers and helpers from different nations it was possible for us to arrange those 4 days of worship for our Lord. The topics of every single message and the creative frame made of musical worship, dance and prophetic-symbolic art really was in conformity with the heart of our ministry and the things that had been engraved into the Friends-of-Jesus fellowship until today. The sermons were real „bread-messages“, that were meant to take us beyond the “milk” in order to gain maturity and to become real tools for the kingdom of God. It were messages like „True love suffers“, foundations of daily discipleship, encouraging truths about the kingdom of God, humorous and profound life-testimonies, as well as insights, that strengthened our knowledge and our position towards Israel.

It were wonderful days, days that left their marks and encouraged us to go deeper with Jesus.One of the most beautiful things was to see how the kingdom of God became visible amongst through so many helping and committed people from many different nations and churches giving their abilities and strength into those days of worship.

We believe that in those days of the conference a precious seed was sown into many hearts, a seed that will bear fruit and advance the kingdom of God. His kingdom shall be seen through us and His will be done through us – this is what we are longing for.

Here some impressions