The HOMESCHOOL 2018 was a great time! It was the first HOMESCHOOL that we organized, after God once again put it on our hearts, to lead people on the path of discipleship – on a personal level and in the way that we live here in our community daily. Therefore, everything took place in our home: getting to know each other in the communal kitchen on the farm in Ziegenhain, where we often eat together or meet for a morning prayer; Worship and teaching in the living room of Gunnar and Corinna Ahrend, where everything started 20 years ago; Accommodation in the shared flats and family houses of the; Conversations, community, a campfire in the garden and much more…

Mike and Kay Chance were there as special guests, as well as Nancy Usher from England – all of them helped enormously in making these days valuable, with their experience through years of faith and passion for Jesus. So together with about 20 participants, we experienced a weekend full of the presence of God – a time where our hearts were further illuminated and purified by His Word and we were allowed to come closer to Jesus.

Here is an insight into these beautiful days…

That some of the participants say:

Dear friends!
Thank you for your invitation to Homeschool!
They were blessed days full of strength and encouragement, full of spirit and joy!
The right time, the right length, the right topics, the right people.
Thank you for allowing me to participate in your life.
You are a blessing and a wonderful and encouraging example of
how God’s kingdom can be built and lived on earth!
Thank you, love your Jin Woo

+ + +

Dear Friends of Jesus!
4-day trip…
Arrive, listening, internalizing, thoughts, tears (many), love…
from Jesus, joy… talking, forgiveness…
receive, healing, I live in Jesus Christ
… what remains to be said:
God bless you,
your Lydia

+ + +

Dear friends!
I love your heart, your passion and your work.
I learned worship from you and you have shaped me a lot!
Thank you for what you do!
Jesus bless you!