Gunnar & Corinna Ahrend

The story of Gunnar and Corinna is a story of how God turns “ashes into beauty and mourning into oil of gladness”
(see Isaiah 61,3).

Many years ago nothing in their life was ever promising – until Jesus found them and began to heal their searching hearts, to set them free and to use them for His purpose…

In the 70ies, in the midst of a life of drugs, alcohol and a Hippie-mentality, Gunnar had a special experience of conversion. He suddenly felt a deep repentence about his lifestyle, Jesus touched his heart and he knew that he wanted to live a different life, surrendered to God. In a moment he was free from drugs and alcohol and something completely new had begun.

At the same time Corinna found herself in despair and sadness, crying out: „God, if you really exist, help me!“ God put people on her way, who told her about Jesus and she took hold of the saving anchor that pulled her out of thoughts of suicide, drugs and a deep loneliness.

A few years later, married with 3 children, they lived as young Christians in a living community of believers, most of them coming from the hippie scene. But God wanted to continue to purify their lives and after a few rather difficult years, He led them into the west of Germany, where they bought a house and realized quiet soon that their broken past was still a big part of their life. Since the early beginning they have had nobody who taught them true discipleship and so their own spiritual life did not develop. Problems in their marriage and financial worries kept turning them down.

But their faith and their longing to follow Jesus still lived on in their hearts and God sent them an elderly pastor couple who became their spiritual parents. They started to mentor them and took them in into their home group. For the first time they experienced personal counseling, inner healing and a wonderful restoring of their marriage and family.

The desire to teach people how to walk in discipleship had been burning in their hearts for a long time already, when they finally opened their own home for young and needy people. With a big portion of love they poured themselves out for those people, showing the way to Jesus and giving what they had received themselves.

From there, with only a handful of young people the ministry Friends of Jesus began 1997 and today is a ministry in the center of Altenkirchen (Westerwald). Apart from evangelism, discipleship and living in community another important part of their mission is worship music.

Today Gunnar and Corinna are leading the Friends of Jesus ministry together with a small team and their desire is to continually stay close to their roots and walk in their calling.


experienced a radical change through Gods sovereign work in him. His faith has thereby developed strong roots and preaching the unaltered gospel is truly on his heart. His passion is to see people being changed through earnest repentance and to make them disciples through the love of Christ. He preaches the word of God in clarity and with spiritual depth. Together with Corinna he lives devotedly for people who want to follow Jesus.


heart beats for worship and from the beginning on she has taught the young people what this is really about: it’s not about perfection, but about a pure heart that worships God in spirit and in truth. Apart from pastoring the worship teams she brings forward the ministry with organizational gifts and creative vision. She is a spiritual mother for many and her heart beats for the lost that she looks for in the dark streets and the lonely houses to tell them about Jesus. Corinna loves the freedom of the Holy Spirit and longs for a new outpouring of God’s presence in worship.