The Friends of Jesus-Band consists of longtime friends of whom some have been playing music together for almost 20 years now. Apart from a constant team of the band they have different musicians and singers joining them so young people can be brought forward and the band itself stays fresh and in motion. Their longing is to worship Jesus with a pure heart, to keep the focus on him alone and to open people’s hearts through their worship music.
For some years they have also been on the streets of Israel as part of the ‘Israel, we stand with you’-team where they make a statement of anti-semitism and show the people god’s love by playing street music.

All band members write their own songs of which many were already published on different albums. In autumn 2018, the first album with self-written hHebrew songs was released that has touched many people’s hearts on the streets of Israel.

With their music they have already led many people into freedom in worship and have experienced how God uses them to give spiritual breakthroughs.

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