Encounter café ‘friends’

Our encounter café “friends” has become an integral part of the city Altenkirchen, actively contributing to the city life. Thursdays and Fridays, for town fairs and other special occasions, our café ‘friends’ opens its doors.

Our café is a place of encounter, where beside the comfortable atmosphere, Café friendshomemade pies, bagels, a variety of snacks and coffee specialities and a little flea market you have the opportunity for a personal conversation.

We hope you feel good here and know that we are here for you!


opening times

Thursdays 9.00 to 13.30
Fridays 12.30 to 21.00


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Café ‘friends’
Hofstrasse 3
D-57610 Altenkirchen


email: info@friends-of-jesus.de
phone: +49 2681 / 95 08 90

All proceeds go toward the non-profit association ‘Friends of Jesus e.V.’ ‘