In 2007 we went ‘back to the roots’and continued our former Youth Meetings. Since then our BETHLEHEM Night takes place twice a year.

Within the last years, the Bethlehem Night has become an important branch of our ministry. With lots of (worship-) music, creativity and messages from our hearts we reach people who do not know Jesus yet or those who are hungry for more of God in their lifes. It is nice to see people coming to Jesus – for the first time or back to him. Thank you Jesus!

Every Bethlehem Night is different – different in creativity, with different guests and different messages. God moves individually – that makes every B-Night very special.

Every BNight is different – here a little foretaste:bnight_22bnight_21bnight_20bnight_19bnight_18bnight_17bnight_16bnight_13bnight_15bnight_11bnight_10bnight_14bnight_09bnight_12bnight_08bnight_07bnight_03bnight_06bnight_05bnight_04