Breaking the Veil of Silence (Conference) – May 2013

Dealing with the guilt of our ancestors of World War II and working up the past is nothing new for a christian. But to recognize this guilt as bloodguiltiness, which affects following generations and hinders us to live a free life is a challenge that we had to face in this conference.

Already ten years ago Jobst Bittner and his team started with the TOS Tübingen to do research about their families regarding to the Holocaust to uncover negative bindings and effect on their personal life and their hometown by confessing their own guilt and repenting before God. As they broke their father’s veil of silence and confessed personal character traits, they experienced powerful changes – in their own lifes and also in their local area. This key Jobst passed onto us this weekend and everything we heard could be transact in prayer right away. The atmosphere changed perceptible, when hearts became softer through the message and moving testimonies of repentance and deliverance. For it was not only about to ask for forgiveness for past guilt again but to reveal anti-semitic roots in our own character and come to real repentance through true consternation. Jobst invited us to confess loudly and to welcome Jewish life representative for our city to break the veil of silence and exchange curse with blessing.


As well we want to recomment Jobst Bittner’s book to this topic: „Breaking the Veil of Silence“


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