March against forgetting – 11/2013

Inspired by all the special experiences we had in Poland, we decided before long to organize a ‘March against forgetting’ in our city on the 75th “Kristallnacht” Remembrance. 140 Jews were living in Altenkirchen in 1933 – 52 of them were murdered in the following years and citizens of Altenkirchen burned down the local synagogue in the “Kristallnacht”. It is easy to forget about what happened when you are not reminded of it again and again.

And this was what we intended with the march: To remind ourselves not to tolerate anti-Semitism in our midst. With the group of people who gathered because of this spontaneous call, we walked through the city silencing, carrying Israeli flags and a banner. At different places, where jewish life took place, we stopped – shops, apartments of well-known families and the place where the former synagogue once stood. The march ended at the cities’ marketplace, where Gunnar summarized the reason of this march and he pointed out that the loyalty towards the Jewish people cannot be separated from the loyalty towards Israel.

We are glad, that Angela Merkel took a stand on this as well by saying in front of the Israeli Parliament: “(… ) The security of Israel is for me as German Chancellor never negotiable,..”

For us this march was a sign for the visible as well as the invisible world that we will stand by God’s people.

Bless Israel, Yeshua!