Bethlehem Night on November 23, 2013

Worship music, a cozy atmosphere, a children’s book story, a felled tree, which spread the fragrance of fresh cut wood, a big table with lots of fruits, and many hearts touched by God – that was the last Bethlehem Night on the 23rd November 2013, at our hall. Many hearts were opened through a picture-book story and a short sermon.

There were many new guests and we had the opportunity to pray for some of them and invite them to encounter God. People recognized how loneliness and wounds affect their lives, how they shape and bind them. Others asked themselves: have I unlearned to be at God’s banqueting table and receive his kindness and love??

Jesus has life in abundance for everyone.
His offer to sit at his table, to receive this life, get healed in his presence and to experience restoration, has not expired. He is waiting for us to come back to our creator’s house.

“Come, for everything is now ready.” (Luke 14,17)


See the date for the next Bethlehem Night here.